What is Tamson House???

"...the house has proved to be a haven for certain individuals who might be considered "outsiders" to normal society. It has been home not only to an impressive array of poets, artists, musicians, scholars and writers, but also to those not traditionally considered to be involved in the arts, but who still communicate in terms not readily accepted as the norm. So circus performers have lived there, side by side with those involved in occult studies; it has been home to strippers and Bible students, martial arts sensei and chefs, gardeners and hedgerow philosophers; it has been a waystop for travelers from many lands as well as backpackers and hikers from closer to home"
-Spiritwalk Charles de Lint

Tamson House is many things to many people. In it's original form, it is a fictional house comprised of an entire city block in Ottowa, Cananda. It is the creation of the imagination of Charles de Lint, described and inhabited in the books Moonheart and Spiritwalk. It is also the name of an on-line community that exists in the format of a mailing list. But it is no mere email list. Charles de Lint's descriptions of the House apply perfectly to the list. The funny thing is that no one set out to re-create the spirit and atmosphere of the literary Tamson House. It just kinda happened that way.

Since the second Tamson House is email-based, there is also a huge Web presence, tho there isn't really a definitive official website. Here are a bunch of Tamson House Related websites:

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