Kelly's Pictures from Ireland & the UK - June 1997

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Many (but not all) of these pictures relate to my Div 3, "The Cult of Brighde in Ireland" which you can read here.
These are bad 1998-era scans of pictures I took w/ a Fuji JUMP! 35mm point & shoot film camera. Developed at CVS.

Medieval Monastic Communities of Ireland [Almost certainly scanned from Bitel, Lisa. Isle of the Saints: monastic settlement and Christian community in early Ireland. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1990.]
Midlands-East Region incl. Co. Kildare in the context of greater Ireland w/ major cities.
LARGE Mid 1990s roadmap of the Midlands region
Closeup of Kildare area of above map
My handrawn map of Kildare center

St Brigid's at Kildare
Approaching the shrine
The entire site
The Bathing pool(if anyone can tell me what the roundy things are, please do!)
Through the arch
The 5 Station Stones
Well of the Fish
A 2nd well dedicated to "Mary of the Gaels" or St. Brigid outside the center of town on the way to the Japanese gardens
detail of the plaque
cathedral postcard
5th century baptismal font
map of kildare town
st brigid's oak
17th century sketch of st. brigid's
restored tower
view from the tower on a drizzly day 12th century cathedral in the foreground (you can see our B&B in the center of the image...)
Pre-Christian fire temple
Ancient BlackFriar's or Crow Church as I called it.
Crow Church 2 we see who really runs the Church...
Crow Church 3 straight up the tower

St. Kevin's Glendalough
original church
new 10th century cathedral
interior of "new" cathedral with pre-christian bullaun as part of construction

Aran Islands - Inis Mor
7th century church on the way to our hostel
ancient church w/ holy well
close up of the well
megalithic tomb at the center of the island

Callanish - Lewes Island, Outer Hebrides
Callanish through the thistle
side view of Calanish
looking down the long base of the "cross"

approaching Newgrange
entrance to Newgrange
closeup of the curbstone

Lia Fial - Stone of Destiny

The house that my great-great-grandmother Alice O'Rourke grew up in Wexford town, Ireland
Me and my 4th cousins John & Mary the modern day Wexford O'Rourkes
Braveheart was filmed here
Celtic Year with associated deities and seasons, dates, and celestial events
16th century house still in use
me on the Elizabethan Star Fort just behind my flat in Cork
Muccross Abby

I have hundreds more pics. If anyone wants to see them, just drop me a line ( and ask.